Saturday, February 9, 2013


Cosmos are annual flowers very similar to dahlias. Well, I just got to know that fact now. :) I was looking for flowers to paint in acrylics and I found this one with different shades and gradients of yellows and oranges that caught my eye. Hence I decided to try it out while I am still in the art mode today.  This view is from the back side/bottom of the flower where you can see the sepals and the petals. This I thought was a step forward from my flowers earlier this week. I love all kinds of flowers because of their cheeful colors that bring a smile on my face any day. The reason why I love spring too. :)

Idle brain's workshop

Well, I stayed home today, as my back has not allowed me to go run or do something active and my eyes watering due to some allergies, I have been looking for ways to kill time. So what better way than to practice the new skills that I just learnt?

The next target is my favorite animal - the horse. I love horses since I was a kid and I read stories like Black beauty and Circus. The circus was my favorite story book when I was a kid. The story was about a girl who works in a circus and takes care of a horse and the horse gets lost and she goes searching etc. I vaguely remember the story now but I still love horses. :) Here is an attempt. I didn't get the hairs right but I hope it looks like a horse. For me it does, though I can do a much better job at it. :)

Adding one more here... a cowboy hat. :)

My first charcoal drawing

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, this year is about exploring different forms of art and figuring out what I like best. For any form of painting, you know you need to know some drawing skills. So I thought I will do a basic drawing workshop. I did just that last Saturday. They thought us drawing basic shapes, some shadowing techniques etc. But the part that I was interested in, drawing faces, figures etc. is something we did not even get to. I wanted to practice a little bit of that. So this morning I got up and I was in the mood to draw.

I did not know where to start. So I picked the easiest. There was an image of a girl as a cover of newsprint journal we use for drawing. I did not get the face exactly right and I did not even get the facial features right. But hey, who gets it right the first time right? This just means I need to practice a lot more. :)

Next one was  a painting that my friend had gifted me - a rose that is on my living room wall. I tried to draw that and here is my attempt. This does not do justice to the painting, his painting is so much more better. :) I also need to try  painting that using acrylics.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trying my hand on acrylics

As you probably know by now, any thing related to arts or crafts catches my interest.  I always wanted to learn some form of art since I was a kid. Since I already know I am really bad at performing arts like dance, music, acting, etc. fine arts always caught my interest. But I never had the confidence to try it.The last one year I had indulged so much into crafts, that now I got some confidence.

This year, I decided to try something new as always. So I joined an acrylics class in the neighborhood. I have been going for past three weeks but the last two weeks has been just basics that I didn't even get to paint much. Finally this week, we got our hands dirty. We were asked to paint a vase that was kept in front of us all. Here is what I had made. As you can see, one thing I realized is that not everyone can be an artist, clearly not me. :) But wanted to share my little achievement. :) This looks like a kid's painting but I guess it is one of my first paintings. :)
Today I went to one of the Paint and Sip events and managed to paint another acrylic art. This also is pretty naive, but two paintings in a week is something that i have never done and hence I am happy about it. Hopefully will soon learn to paint different shades and shadows so they look real and 3D instead of this flat 2D paintings. :)
As always, I will be updating my blog with the updates and would love tips and suggestions and feedback from all you readers. Thanks for taking your time to visit my blog.