Thursday, April 18, 2013

My love for Roses portrayed in Acrylics

I love, love, love flowers, and roses are my favorite. I love spring because it is so colorful with all the blooming flora. So I try to use flowers in my cards, my jewelry, my painting even. :) So when I started learning Acrylics with Thea Peterson from Kirkland Arts Center, after the first class, I went to Michael's store to see if there are any books that teach you to paint and I found one with pictures of flowers, though not many instructions. I picked up that book and showed it to my teacher and asked her, if I can learn to paint some of the flowers from that book some day. She said, let's do it right now, and she asked me, what is your favorite flower. I said Rose, she turns to this page where this flower is and says, this is complicated but we will do it.  And it took me almost three classes to actually get all the intricate details. This was after second class I believe. I still have to take a picture of the one after third, which does not look that different but it adds a little bit more details to the middle area where all the petals looks merged in this picture. But before I forget, I wanted to post this. As always, your feedback /comments are much appreciated.  Btw, I have one more that I did this week, painting an apple, that looks like a kid trying hands on painting. Wait for it for some good laughs. :)



Wow, this is really pretty! Great job with learning how to color flowers with acrylics! I am getting better with my copics but freehand acrylics is a different story! :)

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