Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom !!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and my sister and all the other mom's out there.  Having a family of my own and being a mother is still a dream for me, which may or may not happen. But when I think about all the things that my mom did for us, and how she set an example for us, it overwhelms me. I guess my sister followed her footsteps and she is also a wonderful mom. The most happiest part yesterday was that, I called to wish my mom and I got to talk to all my aunts ( my mom's sisters and my grandma). They were all gathered in one place and having fun. All these aunts were instrumental in bringing us up and of course goes without saying, how much pampering you get from your grandma. I feel nostalgic but I am happy too that all of them were enjoying a good day together, more than anything else. 

Finally got to upload couple more Mother's Day cards. The first one I made it yesterday. It was from Silhouette studio. And I used an embossed card for background and colored with copics. I also colored the cutout "I love my mom" and gave it a fake stitch look. And then I cut out some flower patterns and made the embellishments too. But I was not happy with this card, as my hands were so shaky and my elbow hurting after my fall that it was tough to even color. It was looking more like smudging, especially for the outside flowers.  So I decided to make one more today.

 I searched and searched for this image - a mother and daughter duo. I finally found it on etsy.It's called "Flowers for mom". Everything else is pretty straightforward. I used two pattern papers and ribbons and die cuts to get this look. Added some borders to accentuate. And after all this, my camera did not want to work. Some windows update messed Canon T2i drivers which I could not manage to reinstall how much ever I tried. Seems like my karma is haunting me.:) Finally I used an SDHC card reader and got the pictures out of the camera. Well I guess, it's all worth it when you are making a card for your mom.