Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day cards

I made these cards last week at a local meetup actually, but never got to post them. Now that the Mother's day is coming close, I figured I should post them at least now. And on top of it, it will be a nice change of topic too. This was one of the Friday, when I was dogtired and was ready to sleep. But I saw this meetup that I attend regularly, hosted by Jennifer, a SU demo, and decided to go, thought will be a break from my rigorous week. But I did so many things wrong I cannot mention.You can play find 10 things that look wrong in these cards. :)  But hey, all is well, that ends well right? We made three of these cards and matching envelopes to go with these. Now I have some inspiration to make my very own Mother's day card for Sunday. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get well soon

Today's card is a Get well Soon card. The digital image was from Mo's Digital Pencil - "Sorry Shana" and the design paper from My Mind' eye. The card stock I used is from TE's April kit.

For people who asked me what happened, I just had serious ITB pain while riding the weekend 48 mile bike ride. On top of it, as an added bonus, now I fell and landed on my knee and my fore arms. Left knee bruised big time, can't bend my left knee and have pain bending my right elbow. I have a feeling my knees don't like me. The PT says I should stop taking things too fast and stop biking for now. I am kinda bummed, hence you can see that in my cards here, as it is my place to vent. :) Hoping to be back to biking soon again though. 

This one goes to Day 67 - Super Sketchy Sunday challenge on 365 cards blog and here is the sketch for day 67.

Life is good when you are a kid

Life is good when you are a kid, don't you agree? Isn't childhood days, the best days of your life?  When you are a kid, it does not really matter if you fall, you get up and get in the game again. Something bad happens to you or someone says something bad to you, it does not register and you still smile and be happy and get back to what you were doing. As you grow up, life gets complicated, you analyze everything, put a tag on everything, give a name to everything - this is good, this is bad.  Sometimes I wish I were still a child, and still had that innocence. That's what I chose to depict today in my card.

This one goes to Day 68 - the three P's (Pink, Paisley and Pom Pom) challenge on 365 cards blog.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whimsical Felt Bird

As always, I keep looking for ways to learn new techniques, new crafts and new ideas. This week also, I got a chance to learn something new. I learnt to make felt birds. I remember growing up, I used to see home decor that was made with cute little birds hanging on a string and always liked them. Though they are made of shiny fabric, I at least learnt to make them out of felt. And I like what I made today. You can see it is an amateur work, but with practice, perfection will come automatically.

This was a class at Impress, my favorite stamps store in Bellevue. It was pretty easy to make if you know how to cut the shapes. With cameo or with Cuttlebug and Sizzix dies, I am assuming it is going to be even more easy. This is one more thing that they mentioned in A Cut above class which I am yet to try. But this one is cut out by tracing a cardboard shaped piece on felt using a marker and then cutting it with scissors.