Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Sudha !!

It's my good friend Sudha's Birthday tomorrow. She lives in Bay area and I already mailed her a card. But we both have a tradition of wishing each other at midnight on our birthdays for many years now. So I wanted to wish her today also. While I was waiting for the clock to tick 12 and had nothing to do, I thought I should try some of the techniques that are being taught at A Cut Above class online. I really liked the butterfly Jennifer made in today's class with Glitter and I decided to give it a try.

I don't exactly have the same glitter or the tape or the diecut. But I used double sided scotch tape and some glitter I had at home. I used copper color for the stems and blue color for the flowers. The die-cut I used is from Memory Box. I started with white card stock and didn't think much or had any idea of where I was headed.  So I ended up with a full white card front with just the flowers. To add some dimension, I sponged Old Paper Distress Ink all over and added a bow.

Since I made it while waiting to wish my friend, I thought I will dedicate this also to her. Many Happy Returns of the Day Sudha !!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Encrusted Pendant

Today was Jewelry kinda day. I went to Ben Franklin store the other day and saw this pendant on display. I inquired if they were teaching a class for that and of course, they were. Ben Franklin was the starting point for all my crafts hobbies besides sewing. I started with a beginners class there on earrings and started making jewelry. Took a class for knitting and made scarfs etc. Same with the cards. You get the idea. I have never gone beyond the basics class but I liked the pendant.

So here it is. Today was the class and it was really simple to make it. All I needed was a beading wire (size 26 for this), bigger bead for the center, some smaller beads. And it took an hour including the instructions to make this and picking up the beads etc. I just picked up the chain there too.

The one I saw on the display was a lavender one but that bead was not there today, so I went with red oval bead. I added some swarovski crystals of red and transparent colors and the remaining are pearls of different colors. The instructor's name was Gauri Pabbati, and she has 12 years of experience in jewelry making but I was taking her class for the first time.

I liked what the instructor told us today about color choices. She said, "In the nature there is no color match. If you see Green color on the leaves, there are different shades of greens but the flowers are all different colors and greens go with any color and is considered neutral. It can be used to mellow down any other grand color or to stand out. It's the nature, it cannot help but match. Similarly, the skies are blue and there are different shades of blue but can be matched with any greys, whites, silver shades". I thought it was brilliant, as I never thought of color matching that way. If you look at this pendant, I used shades of green, red, brown, white and even dark pink shades. But it blended so well.

Watch out for more pendants to come. Of course, I am going to get playful and try my hand on different versions of this pendant.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Priyati's Birthday card

Today is my friend Priyati's Birthday and I made a card for her. I thought about what to put on the card. All I could think of, was Sid, her son. Her whole world revolves around Sid. So that's what I chose to put on the card.  Also I was inspired by Chaitali's blog post yesterday and I also had the same Rosie Posie stamp set from PTI. So I chose to use that stamp set.  I took this picture on Sid's birthday couple of months back, so it came handy.

I had a sentiment stamped inside as well but I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card. In any case you get the idea.

This one goes to Day 45 - You have been framed challenge on 365 cards challenge.

Cheer up

Today was one of those days that made me feel helpless. Long story short, I had an accident, had two of my tires go flat and I was standing on the road in cold and rain (drizzle), trying to reach some friends. It took an hour for me to actually get in touch with someone and took another hour to get the car towed to a nearest mechanic shop. Don't you just love the feeling when you know you have someone to call for help in those situations? That's what I was missing today, a friend I could call when I was in need. Finally got home safe, thanks to some friends here. But these are the days that pull me down. So I decided to make a card to cheer myself up when I got home.

I know tomorrow I need to take care of my car and now I have a bad headache etc.But for now, I got to get my mind off of it for a bit. Aren't these crafts therapeutic? For me, they definitely are.

Finally after 2 weeks break, I decided to get back to 365 cards challenge. This one goes to Day 46 - Super Sketchy Sunday of 365 cards challenge.