Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stage decorations for AllGoRhythms - long due

This one was long due. While I was posting the Geetanjali decorations I remembered that I never wrote about AllGoRhythms stage decorations. I do not have pictures of the panels while I was stitching them but there are some pictures of the decorations on stage.

The panels that you see behind are the panels that we did. That was 4 panels. There is one more closeup. Anu and Aditi designed these and I did the stitching for these panels. Each panel took about 4 hours of work, after they have made it easy for me. After everything was stitched, again there was perfecting them, putting some bling  and adding panel rods etc. which took again about 6 hours of team activity. Altogether everyone loved how the panels looked. Of course I am always happy to work on such projects as I get to learn stuff from these creative mindset folks and also do some good work. Kudos to these girls who have been pulling it together for the past couple of years.

Stage Decorations for Geetanjali musical concert

Today was an eventful day. To give you some background, I am active volunteer for non-profit organization called Asha, an organization that supports children's education in India. Every year, there are two musical concerts that we organize as fundraisers - one in Spring and one in Fall. This spring fundraiser is Geetanjali - a tamil musical concert which is on Apr 7th.

Among the Asha volunteers, there are some very artsy folks who come back every year with brilliant ideas for stage decorations. I was part of one such team last fall for AllGoRhythms concert. So now I am part of another team which is designing stage decorations for Geetanjali this time. Our theme was Retro. Here is a sneak peek.

We made 10 such panels - I am not sure what the fabric was, but it is one of those transparent one with glitter that you generally find in children's dresses for fairies etc. Here is a closer look. The flowers were cut out of felt material and hand-stitched while the edges etc. were machine stitched. And of course in addition to this, there was some bling that still didn't get done  and will be done during the week. This was a lot of manual labor of sorts to make huge panels like this. 

Aruna, one of the volunteers, was the brains behind this and it was a team effort to make all this happen. Some did the hand stitching and some did the machine stitching. Aruna and her husband Sunil were really helpful at making all this happen. I met her for the first time today and was amazed at how organized her house was and well-designed too. She does acrylic and oil painting herself and I saw some of her work today. It's amazing how everyone is so artistic around here but each one has a different talent. There is so much to learn and so little time in a day. A big Kudos to her and all the folks with creative talents who have created amazing things.

These panels were looking lovely and I cannot wait to see them live when they go on stage. This will definitely go with the so talked about song - Kolaveri di.

Day 31- Stampin' Saturday

Today's theme - to include three different shades of ink when stamping the background. I used different shades of brown here, that are from Stampin' up - crumb cake, soft suede, chocolate chip in that order from top to bottom. Again the difference is not that noticeable between soft suede and chocolate chip here. I used musical notes as the background.

I used soft suede for the sentiment as well. I got the digital stamp for the guitar but the markers did not work that well with that image, as the colors did not blend.

This one goes to Day 31 - Stampin' Saturday challenge on 365 cards blog. Yayy, with this card, I get to be all stars this week too. :)

Day 30 - Color Scheme

My friends say all the cards I make, have a feminine touch to them. Basically meaning I make girly cards. Today somehow the tables turned without me even realizing the fact. This is the only card that is a little girly. All others came out in blues, greens and browns somehow.

Today's card is here. I couldn't find any other better sentiment today in all my stash that would go with this card. This one is a trial of all the new stamps I got from Stampin' up. I loved the vintage bloom stamp that I used here, last time when I used it in the meetup. And the middle sentiment is also from Stampin' up.

As my mom says, this is a good example of "I am ready to make my own wedding cards" when I get married. This one is dedicated to my mom, as she makes me both smile and cry at the same time with her emotions. :) 

This one goes to Day 30 - Color Scheme challenge on 365 cards blog and here is the color scheme.

Day 29 - What's Your Sign

If you are wondering, just this afternoon I put up a post that I am taking a break and still I am posting all these, the reason is - I was sleeping all day and didn't know what to do staying awake in the night. I cannot stay idle for too long, so I started making these cards. I still couldn't sit but I got all the stuff to my bedroom and made a mess of it. Now I have all day tomorrow to clean it too. :)

Coming to the challenge - it was about including at least one traffic sign in the card. I decided to include a road sign instead. I used a digital stamp called "father and daughter" from Mo's Digital Pencil.  Dad, this one is dedicated to you - words cannot say enough about how much you mean to me, but I can only show it in silly little ways like this. :)

This one goes to Day 29 - What's Your Sign challenge on 365 cards blog.

Day 28 - Let's go fly a kite

Day 28 - Let's go fly a kite - this was my favorite challenge this week as it reminded me of the innocence in childhood when we used get together to celebrate every festival with friends and family. Kite flying is pretty famous for one of the festivals called Pongal in South India and I used to celebrate it in my grandma's place with all my cousins.

I dedicate this card to my grandpa who is no more but it's his birthday on March 28th. Though the card is not  relevant, in some ways it is related to our fun times at our grand parents' place. Here's to all the kite lovers.

This one goes to Day 28 - Let's go fly a kite challenge on 365 cards blog.