Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 19 - All the Trimmings and Wishing Happy Ugadi

The Day 19 challenge was to make a card with all three trimmings included in the card. Here I have used a white and red twine, a garland of mango leaves (paper cut out) and a green ribbon.

Today is Telugu New Year / Ugadi and I wanted to make a card for the occasion. I wanted to depict mangoes in the card to convey the message, as today, there is a special dish that is made in every home in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is called "Ugadi Pachadi/Pickle". The importance of that pickle is that it has all the 6 different tastes (Shadruchulu) embedded in it - Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt, Pungent and astringent. Mangoes just start this time of the year in India and they are used for sourness, for bitterness, it is neem flowers, jaggery or sugar for sweet, cayenne pepper for pungent and turmeric for astringent. Though I could not find anything that depicted this, I found some picture online and I gave it a try. This picture shows mango leaves, mangoes, neem flowers, and a bowl with the pickle. Every house has the main entrance decorated with mango leaves, tied together to make like a garland.  That's what I have used for one trimming. The other trimming is a twine - which looks like the leaves are tied using the twine here. And I added a green ribbon at the bottom covering all three trimmings.

We have a name for every year and this year's name is Nandana (Bliss). Hope you spread happiness among your loved ones and everyone around you. Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year !!

I took Ugadi as inspiration and made a card today. Hope you like it. This one goes to Day 19- All the trimmings challenge on 365 cards challenge blog.

Day 22 - DIY

Do It Yourself here meant making an embellishment using stickers. I cannot use sticker directly on the card but could stick it on chipboard, a flower on a button etc. I had no clue what I could make. After thinking for a bit, I thought I will make a tag kind of, with some stickers on it. I went and got some stickers and some chip board today from the craft store. I used chip board for the first time and making embellishment out of it was even more difficult. Here is my naive try to create something out of stickers. I am not sure if it still qualifies but please leave me a comment if it does not and I will try and make another one.

I tried to match spots and stripes with flowers and butterflies which I thought was a combination I had never tried. Also no one will think of matching pink and blue and so I did. :)

This one goes to Day 22 - DIY challenge on 365 cards challenge blog.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 21 - You're Included

I jumped a couple of days ahead and wanted to catch up with today's challenge. I will go back and make the cards for yesterday and day before. Today's challenge is to include at least one sticker, ink and patterned paper.

All I could find was a bunch of baby boy stickers that are left over from the scrapbook I made for a friend. Hence, I decided to use these stickers for the card today. I used the pattern paper also from the same baby boy scrapbook collection. I stamped the sentiment "With Love" with Stazon brown ink and used a blue polka dot ribbon to add some color to it. Used the rounded corner punch and vintage photo distress ink to shade the edges.

This one goes to

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 18 - Super Sketchy Sunday

This Sunday March 18th, we got the sketch below.

Here is what I created based on that sketch. I wanted to follow yellow and white theme as I wanted to also match it with Annabelle Stamps challenge. So I used the yellow and white pattern paper and stamped the flower with Stazon brown ink. Die cut and embossed the tag with my cuttlebug. Did not have coordinating thread or ribbon for the tag, so left it empty. If I manage to find it this week, I will probably go back and edit this image.

This one goes to

Day 18 - Super Sketchy Sunday challenge on 365 cards.
Say it in Yellow and White challenge on Annabelle stamps.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smile, My Friend

This is the 8th card I made today, of course not in the order that they are posted. I am on a roll here. :)

When the Day 15- All Smiles challenge came out, I asked my girl friends, what would bring a smile on their face when they see a card. I got to hear cute baby pictures, jokes, a kid with a dog, etc. So I made this one card, to bring a smile on my friends' face. I used digital stamp once again called "Talking to the dog" and colored it using purely water colors. As you can see, the theme for today mostly has been water colors. After I made the card, I realized the challenge said, "the card should have a big smile." and this card did not fit the instructions.  Hence I changed the sentiment.

This card is dedicated to my dear friends Gomathi, Sudha Reddy and Sudha Palli. My friend just got a new dog home and she is enjoying being a new mommy. Goms, let me know how you like this card.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Today March 17th is my parents' anniversary and I wanted to make a card to wish them. So along with all the other 6 cards I made today, I also added one more to the list. But it was hard to pick an anniversary stamp as obviously you want to go for the best one that you think your parents will like.

I remembered one greeting card my uncle gave me when I was young and it used to hang in our room. It's a girl standing with her dog. My parents say whenever they see that, they remember me. With that in mind, I started looking for a similar picture. I found one digital stamp, thanks to Mo's Digital pencil and colored it with water colors. I hope they like this card.

Mom & Dad, this is for you guys. Here is wishing you both a Happy Anniversary !! Since I cannot wish you personally and you guys do not like me sending bouquets from here, here is my try to wish you both.

Day 17 - Shamrockin' it

Today is St. Patrick's Day and in the spirit of St.Patrick's day, the challenge involved using at least one shamrock on the card. Again my search started for a digital stamp as I did not have any shamrock related stuff at home and it was already 2:30 am by the time I got to this card. I have to admit I kinda did a sloppy job at this one as my goal went from "making a nice card" to "making a card" at this point.

Here is the card. This one goes to Day 17 - Shamrockin' it challenge on 365 cards.

Day 16 - Color Scheme

Since I am trying my hands on water colors today, I thought I might as well try another card with water colors. This is another digital stamp image I downloaded and colored wit with the colors mentioned here. Here is the card. I guess the colors did not come out well in the picture. So I will outline, what I used. The leaves are green, the round circle border is teal. The flowers are indigo blue, the background for the circle is sky blue, so is the card background. The scalloped circle is deep blue color. This card goes to Day 16 - Color Scheme challenge on 365 cards.

The color scheme we had to use for today's card is below.

Day 15 - All Smiles

Happy Birthday Dana !! What a way to wish you - wishing you a great happy smile !! This card is dedicated to you. :)

The challenge for day 15 was to include an image that features a great big smile on the card. Here is what I made for this challenge. I used Monkey digital stamp and colored it with markers. This one goes to Day 15-All Smiles challenge on 365 cards.

Day 14 - So Sporty

For Day 14, I had to pay tribute to my favorite sport. As you can see, all my posts for this week use past tense. This whole week has been crazy busy that I haven't had time to think about making cards. So now I get to make up for the whole week. I only got home at 10 pm today and I have plans for tomorrow as well. So I decided to finish all the cards today. So pardon my poor work here. I just wanted to make sure that I do not have any back log when I start the new week tomorrow.

For favorite sport, I chose tennis. I am not really sports person per say but I like badminton and tennis. I did not find a good stamp for badminton but found this stamp for Tennis online. Also I was looking for "Wanna Play?" or "Lets get together" stamps, but could not find any. So went with the good old "Good luck" rubber stamp I had in my stash. I used markers and water color pencils to color the stamp.

Here is the card I made. This one goes to Day 14 - So Sporty challenge on 365 cards.