Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2: Imagine This

UPDATE : I got to be Spotlight Designer on 365 cards challenge blog for this card.

Today's challenge was "Imagine This" - to think about Sunrise and make a card based on my imagination. The sunrise made me think of bright colors like yellow and orange. And I got this cute stamp with a smiling Sun. So I decided to put together a card based on that stamp and those colors. Hope you like this card. Please leave your comments.

This card goes towards Day 2: Imagine This challenge

Here is wishing my best friend

My best friend, Pradeep is getting married on March 11th. I kinda feel bad for missing it and even worse for not being able to talk to him before he leaves for his wedding tomorrow. Since I won't be able to make it to his wedding and since I am not in Bay area to experience the whole excitement he should be having now, I wanted to do something little in my own way. Wishing him and Geeta, all the very best for their wedding, using my newly learnt crafting style.

I know guys are not supposed to wear pink and Sorry Pradeep, I wanted to match you guys in some way and that was the only place that I thought would be appropriate than a coat or pants. :) Knowing you, you will  shower all your love on Geeta. What else do you need for a happy married life right? Wishing you the best of what life has to offer. Good luck for your new phase of life!!

PS: Yes, this will also qualify for a new beginning, so what other time than to make this card right?This qualifies for 365 Cards Day 1: New Beginnings challenge.

Day 1 : New Beginnings

Today marks the first day of 365 Cards Challenge. I have been thinking about it for a while as I was following my friend Chaitali's blog. I was inspired by her and decided to participate.

As the 365 Cards Challenge mentions, not just new babies, new house but there a lot of occasions that qualify as new beginnings. Lot of ideas came to mind - graduation, new job, moving to new place, new friendships, new partner, etc. So I thought it would be easy to pick one. Believe me, it is not easy. First of all I do not have all the equipment, like Cameo/Cricut to cut any shapes or labels I want. And I do not have all the stamps either. So I went shopping this evening to find some relevant stamps. I had so many ideas to start with but did not find a single stamp to go with. Finally I settled in with inviting the new season, Spring. Spring marks the new beginnings in a lot of ways and March, as they say means "March Forward". With that thought in mind, I decided to showcase some flowers, some greenery. Here is my try to make the first card of 365 card challenge.The idea I had was "Best Wishes for welcoming the new season."

This is one more experiment with Color Markers.  I am excited to have finished the first card of the challenge and there is more to come. Hope you like it. Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God's abode

Mom, this one is for you. This past one week I was at home, without anything to do. On Thursday evening, I was looking at God and I felt, this is not how my mom would do it. She likes to decorate God and her favorite hobby is to pray to God. So if given a chance, she will adorn all the Gods, with the most beautiful attire and jewelry. Though I have not gone that far, I thought I should do something nice to make the God's place, a little more pretty.

So I went to Pacific fabrics, picked up couple of fabrics and made a cover for God's throne, as I call it. It is just a simple stool covered with metal, that I got from my recent trip to New Jersey. Otherwise I used to have God on just a simple wooden night stand. As you can see, I got red fabric with some design on it. Created a simple cover with ruffles which made it look grand. but the bottom part was still boring. So I just made very simple cover with the second fabric. I put incense sticks etc. on this space, so need to be washed and it should be something that would not get dirty easily, so I chose such a fabric.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Few more to add to the list

I started attending some of the local card making meetups and recently I attended one organized by Jennifer. One thing she taught me that day was to make paper flowers. So who can stop me from creating this lovely card, really? The theme that day was to make quick and easy cards when you dont have time. But my whole interest was in learning how to make flowers and butterflies. Girly, I know, but I love it.

I loved making this card and I think the flower can be done even better but hey, given that its my first time trying to make a flower out of paper,
I loved it. I loved the sentiment that I chose for the card as well.

Don't you just love it?    I definitely did. :) It was really a craft punch, used to cut 5 different layers of flower. Then folded each of those into the smallest shape possible and then opened it up. Added a smaller flower at the center and a vintage brad to hold it all together.

Next was a simple card with some patter already on the card. But I learnt how to tie the bow so that it does not come off and sits at the right spot.

Then there was a simple cup cake, seems like everyone's favorite card. Everyone was excited to make it. The way to do it was to use Stamping up craft punches and stamps to create the shapes you need and put it all together.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Leave some comments if you did. :)

MemoryBox 101 at Impress

One Friday evening, as I was bored, I went to my favorite place to hangout and see some faces - the Bellevue square mall. And whenever I go there, I have to make a stop at Impress store. I went to that store on that day too and then they told me. you can come for the class next day and learn to use all memory box stamps and diecuts demonstrated by one of the pro cardmakers who blogs for MemoryBox. Hence I was excited. As promised, it was Jean Okimoto who was teaching the class that day. She had so many interesting ideas that I thought I might forget when I left the classroom. But these cards are definitely a step up techniques wise, for me.

 This looks simple but the most intricate card I ever made. This has so much detail that I felt lost after a while. First step was to take a photo-style glossy paper and use multi-color (rainbow color ink pads). I used a brayer to go in the same direction 4-5 times until the brayer get inked properly. And then apply it on paper without lifting the brayer, just going back and forth. Then we stamped the Reverse Allium stamp, with eggplant color ink, placing the stems towards green color. Then stamped two layers of wordings in light gray and silver color inks. That just made the top portion of this card. For the bottom design, used a memory box diecut. Then perforated the lavender craft sheet with the awl tool to make those holes, and then put tape at the back of it, so that the sticky part is facing the top. Put glitter on it to make that look more shiny. Then it was a matter of putting it all together.

For the second card, I used to diecut to cut the shape out of green background. On top of it put the violet piece and then the yellow card piece. The stamp used here is the mail definitions for the background and then drift flowers for the foreground.

 One mistake I made though was to paste the green piece to the violet cardstock first. Then I remembered I did not put the gold colored brads you see here in the picture. So I had to make perforations to the card. Instead the idea was to put the brads to the green piece before attaching it to the card so you do not see any holes in the card inside.
 This was another one along the same lines. I used die cuts to cut the stems.Then used the die cuts for the flowers as well. You can see the faint letter background stamp with faint color ink. Then put the tape to the back of the flowers so that the sticky part faces top. Then put in the violet glitter. Also made the 5 little holes and followed the same principles. Then put it all together. I really liked the cello-tape + glitter idea as it had low cost but nice visual effect to it.
 The whole tree is and surrounding border is a die cut and so is the umbrella. Then we cut tiny little stars and pasted them all around the tree branches. Then cut a small note, stamped it, then created the shadow effect by sponging the edges.  Made it a beautiful little card, apt for Seattle weather.
Right from the start, this was a difficult card. First was cutting it exactly so that you have these 3D effect. Then die-cutting the flower pattern and rolling it into a flower and adding the circle on top of the flower. Then cutting the other yellow pattern. Then the note. Then the other flower and the stems to go with it. Then assembling it all together. I needed a little hand-holding to create this card as I wanted to make it perfect. So it did turn out as I wanted it to.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

For Valentine's day, I wanted to make a whole lot of cards. Though I did not reach the target exactly I made some cool cards. Thanks to the neighborhood Impress and all the beautiful stamps they offered and an evening of crafting.

This card looks simple but it took so much time to get it in this shape. it is still not perfect because I cut the heart shape with hand. I wish I had a die cut for that and the shape would have come perfect. I used Versamark transparent embossing ink to stamp the heart image on the white card stock. Then I used the red embossing powder and then used the heat gun to set it in place. I then added some glitter to make the pattern stand out. Then I stamped the "I love you" stamp on white cardstock, cut it out into smaller shape and added it at the bottom. If I look at this card now, I feel I could have done so many things better but its always the case, isn't it? But one main thing I would definitely not have done was to use paper glue, which completely killed the look. If I had used tape runner, would have come out much nicer.

This was super simple card. I got the heard shaped stickers, stamped the alphabets on top of them. I tied the thread on both ends, pasted it to he card and then added heart shaped stickers on top of the thread. Then added wishes at the bottom.

This is also a simple card, except for one complication. The "love letter on top of the typewriter needed to be stamped in that exact shape. To do that, there were few steps involved. Firs stamped the heart and then the typerwriter on to the card. On a white piece of paper, I stamped the first half of the typerwriter again.  I had to, then stamp "love letter" in that white space. Then pasted that on top of the typewriter on the card. Simple idea but made the card better.

This is a super simple card with stamps overlaying one another to create a simple card to convey a simple message. :)

For this card I stamped the heart first, and then used Masking tape to cover the heart. Then stamped the flower image with the same color ink all over. Then removed the masking tape, put a ribbon on top of the heart and then added a sentiment at the bottom.

 One more simple card. I used heart shapes background stamp and then the red lacy stamp followed by "Happy Valentine's Day" on top.

This one used specialty paper that already had the background on it that said the wordings and "LOVE" on it. All I did was to add the heart on top. The interesting part here is that I stamped the heart and then added a cello-tape at the back so that the sticky part is towards the center of the heart on the top. Then added the red glitter powder. So the sticky part of cello-tape held on to the glitter.

 Again a simple card. Only difficult part was to get that heart at the top to be centered on top of space needle which I messed up. Otherwise a simple card.
 Both the heart and the postage stamp image are stamped and cut out with punches. Hence the nice shapes. Then added a tap and a ribbon to which I added dimensional to popup the stamps.
The tough part of this card was to align the hearts right. I could also try not to align them and put them in random places but since I decided to keep them straight, they had to be in straight line which is not the case here. And one additional thing I did was to stamp a heart on another piece of paper with red ink and cut it out and use dimensionals to add it to one of the hearts. Then stamped "Love". The thread was just to add some additional color.

Later I learnt that there is a tool you can get to align the image such that all hearts can come straight. But too late.:)

My experiments with Markers

I know this is coming in a little late but I wanted to blog this anyways. These cards I made in January. But wanted to write how I made these cards. I loved cards and I love colors. Initially it was all about which ink to use with which stamp to create beautiful images. slowly I learnt that it was not all stamps that make it possible. There are different ways of doing this. One way is to use all the same ink on a stamp and stamp it on a piece of paper. The second one is to use markers to ink the stamp instead of inkpads and then stamp it on the paper. Then there is third one which is to stamp the design with black or other solid color ink and then fill in the pattern with the right markers. 

When I learnt about the third option, I was excited to try it out. My first card was a disaster, second one was even more a disaster but I thought it had a learning curve. But I started liking the cards that came out eventually. Here are the first few cards that I created with those. As you see, they are not great. I tried inking the edges with the ink pad which made it all smudgy. Later I learnt that there is a better wa to do this - to use sponge daubers. I also learnt that the ink you use to do this matters a lot. 

Crop-a-latte on a Sunday afternoon

Today afternoon, I went to a card making meetup where we were allowed to make the cards we wanted, with the card stock already made available to us and all the stamps and punches and the paraphernalia that are needed for card making.  As I thought I will use this blog to share what I am doing and also to document how I made these cards and some new techniques I learnt along the way, that is what I tried to do in this as well.

Thanks to Jennifer from Stamping up who hosted us at her place today. We were about 10 women, some who have been paper-crafting and for some it was their firs time. And for few people like me, who have been trying things at home, it was refreshing to see so many new ideas. Every card was simple but had some subtle things that I had to learn. Of course, all the knowledge that Jennifer had accrued over past 10-15 years was really helpful as well. I felt like a kid left in a toy store looking at all the papers, the stamps, the punches, the inks. You name it, it was there. I got into it right away without wasting any time. I made 7 cards altogether during this exercise. But wanted to definitely make more of these.

To start with, I will go one by one in the order that I started making these.I took a card stock (generally 8 1/2x11 cut in half for a card) and instead of doing a trifold, I used a scoring tool to fold into trifold card. Had tried it for the first time and thought it was fun. On both sides, I had specialty paper and on top is another card stock paper. And I needed two punches to cut scalloped edges and circle out and a "Thank You stamp for your Kindness" from Stamping Up.

This second one was a simple Hope card. The new thing that I had to do with this card was that I used crumb cake ink to write the caption behind so it blends into the card background and add a transparent sheet on top on which I stamped "H" with Stazon ink. I pasted the blue specialty paper to the card stock and then punched both together and then pasted the ribbon at the front and the sentiment at the back. On second thought I could have done it differently too.

This is a simple card and I took less than 5 mins to make this card. It was just coordinating pieces of paper and stamps put together. First there was violet card stock and top of it there was white and white design paper pasted together, which I added the border shadow effect to give a vintage look with sponge dauber. Then I stamped "Wonderful" and "friend" and then punched a button out and added a brad to it in the shape of a button. I loved the simplicity of this card.

This card was another simple one. I like making flowers in general and I loved how simple it was to stamp and then use a coordinating punch to make a simple flower. Then I stamped "Thanks" to the white paper and then again shadowed the edges with Daffodil ink and then used Green and Yellow markers to color it. Then pasted the yellow and white pieces to the card. Then I pasted the green circle that I punched out, followed by the ribbon. On top I added the flower with a green brad added to it. Simple card but every detail look a little bit of time.

For this card, I used Bigshot dies to cut the shapes. But the initial step was to get the design on the paper. I took the flowers design stamp, colored with markers and then stamped it on to the white paper stock. I do not remember what each of these stamps are called but next time I should make sure I get the names. The markers used were rose, pink, yellow, blue and green. Then I used the soft suede to print the pattern below. After that, I cut out the shapes with coordinating dies for brown and white card stock. For the background. I used another flower stamp and used Olive color ink to stamp the background. I added pearls and ribbon for additional eye-catchy look. Used dimensionals to stick the shapes up on the card to make them stand out.

I used the crimping tool here to create the ruffle look to the pink paper used here. And then I used the sentiment stamps, used black and pink markers to color the stamp instead of ink and then stamped it up. Used olive ink for the designs and added some glitter.

This was another card that I thought came out nice. It is pretty straightforward. Unlike the usual card, there are two pieces to it. One small one that is enclosed behind a button and the one bigger piece that is the card itself. I like the butterfly and all the coordinating colors that seemed to work well together. Let me know how you like it.