Monday, September 24, 2012

Turquoise Jewelry

I made some more jewelry as I mentioned earlier, for the Give month coming up. The common theme turned out to be Turquoise. It was not planned though, but the Turquoise caught my eye this time around and I could not help but get some of those beads home. I debated for a while, should I really invest so much, as these ones were expensive. Actually all the beads I get are from a local bead store that ensures quality.  I try to pick different colors as I do like to have some variety but sometimes after I come home, I realize that some of the colors I picked are pretty close. :) It's funny how your mind thinks, isn't it?

One other thing I realized is that I do like vintage jewelry, like big earrings etc. You saw some in my earlier post and I have added few more to that list. Without much further ado, here is some of the jewelry. More jewelry is in the making but whichever is done, I took pictures to upload.



Wow! Your jewelry is so beautiful! I am loving those turquoise pieces especially. I just love that stone, and love how you used them. The drop earrings with the matching necklace is so elegant and the other necklace with the smaller stones has a totally different feel, pretty and more casual. Awesome! I wish you much success with your fundraiser, but with such work, I know it will be a big success.


Beautiful jewelry! Wishing you luck with your fundraiser! :)


Gorgeous work! They are all beautiful pieces. Good luck with the fundraiser!

Profound Mentations...
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Preeti Gaikwad

Hey Prema .. your work is fab x

wondering if I could get in touch with you ... please drop me an email -


beautiful! Great job!

Turquoise Jewelry

Really an awesome post. I loved these all Turquoise Jewelry.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a particularly problematic stone when it comes to verifying its authenticity. It consists of a phosphate of aluminium, colored by copper and traces of iron. Some gemologists believe that the beautiful blue color is produced by a complex ion formed from copper and ammonium. The finest colored material is mined and worked in Iran; its colors range from the highly desirable sky blue to a bluish green.

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