Sunday, April 8, 2012

Paper Crafts Booth at Geetanjali

I had started this card making hobby after I saw Chaitali and Pooja last year at the same event Geetanjali, at "Cards for a Cause" booth that they had set up. I really liked the idea of turning your hobby into supporting a social cause. Since then I have followed Chaitali's blog and I am truly inspired by how much passion she has towards these paper crafts. This year, I joined hands with them and we had the same "Cards for a Cause" booth this year at Geetanjali. We made a total of $109 at the event which will be donated to Asha tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                                                                                We had actually planned to make 25 cards each and remaining paper crafts, we thought we will split the work.
Chaitali made those M&Ms you see in that mug, those long magnetic notebooks, candy boxes you see in the picture. Pooja made gift envelopes with Indian touch, which are not seen clearly in the picture but were a great hit. Also she made amazing pocket scrapbooks which could be folded and put in a purse.

 I made some calendars that are in the view, some bookmarks that were behind those calendars and some notebooks.

At the beginning of the event, things were slow but the sales picked up at break time. I know it is much less than any craft fair but given the event and the audience, we thought we did pretty good. Now we have a team going and we are called the "Three Musketeers":). We plan to learn from each other and make great things and teach others too.  Few parents have asked us already to do a workshop for their kids.


Chaitali Narla

Great pics! Congrats on a great event fellow Musketeer!!


Great job! You made a lot of money to support! That is awesome!!!

Pooja Wagh

You have captured the event so well in words and pics :) Can you share the full res "Musketeer" group pic with me ;-)?

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