Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheer up

Today was one of those days that made me feel helpless. Long story short, I had an accident, had two of my tires go flat and I was standing on the road in cold and rain (drizzle), trying to reach some friends. It took an hour for me to actually get in touch with someone and took another hour to get the car towed to a nearest mechanic shop. Don't you just love the feeling when you know you have someone to call for help in those situations? That's what I was missing today, a friend I could call when I was in need. Finally got home safe, thanks to some friends here. But these are the days that pull me down. So I decided to make a card to cheer myself up when I got home.

I know tomorrow I need to take care of my car and now I have a bad headache etc.But for now, I got to get my mind off of it for a bit. Aren't these crafts therapeutic? For me, they definitely are.

Finally after 2 weeks break, I decided to get back to 365 cards challenge. This one goes to Day 46 - Super Sketchy Sunday of 365 cards challenge.



So sorry for your car problems. That just really sucks especially when the weather is so bad. Glad you were able to call on some friends to help you out.

Your card is so adorable and enough to cheer anyone up. What a wonderful image and I love the cutout front.

Hope today is a better day!


Your card is just adorable! I love the colors & how you did your main image!

I'm sorry to hear about what happened but I'm happy that you were able to get help!!!


Awww Prema! I am so sorry! Very glad that you were not injured!! I am not in the area, but please consider me a friend! Big hug! Your card is adorable and I am glad that it helped to lift your spirits some! Hang in there! Things usually have a way of working themselves out! :)


I am so glad you are home safe and sound. It is a horrible feeling. I am glad they came for you. When I lost my hubby I was terrified it would happen to me late at night. I had to join AA here from then on so they come..Not sure if you have an equivilent there. They tow and handle easy things and make sure you are in a safe. Great card..He is sooo cute. Love the papers together. Hope the day is a better one for you.


I meant AAA (triple A)


Very Cute Prema!!! I love that image :)


So sorry for the rotten adventure today. Tomorrow is another day and I hope it gets better from here! Great card. That little green guy made me smile!

Chaitali Narla

Aww that sucks! You should have called me!! Do you still need help with your car? Thats a very cute card. Hope making it cheered you up.


well that card would be sure to cheer anyone up!! hope you are having a better day :)

so glad you joined us on 365 cards :)


Sorry to hear about your rough day.. hope car is better and that you are feeling better yeah!
Love the card you made. The bright colors are cheery indeed. :)
Thanks for joining us at 365cards :)


SUPER cute!!!! love how the center pops out!!!


Prema..... Wht hpnd??? any prob....
V.nice Green boy.............

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