Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 26 - Peace, Love and Happiness

I have to admit this was tough, especially if you are not in that mindset. I could pick and choose one of the Peace, Love and Happiness and make a card with it easily. But I wanted to include them all. Finally I did make a card, though I am not too happy with it.

I wanted to make three small circles with Peace, Love and Happiness but when I cut them, they turned out to be too big for the card. This is how things end up when you try to make a card at 12 am. :) I wanted to show the dove and a string holding each of these circles from the dove - Dove represents peace and instead of just showing a peace symbol, I thought I will depict a dove conveying all three. Anyways since the circles came out too big, I had to settle with this. Sometimes you just have to be happy with what you got. :)

By the way, did you know how the peace symbol originated? Apparently symbol for Peace is a combination of semaphores for 'N' and 'D' in Nuclear Disarmament and was designed by Gerald Holtem in 1958 during British Disarmament Movement. This challenge has made me think about it as my favorite was a dove with an olive branch and hence I did a search. :)

This one goes to Day 26 - Peace, Love and Happiness on 365 cards challenge.



Fantastic card! Love the dove! Very interesting too about the peace symbol! Thanks for sharing! :)

Chaitali Narla

Nice card! Great info on the peace symbol as well. But get some rest and don't make cards at 12 am!!

G8country life

I like your card, even through I can identified with imagining one thing and when you put it in paper comes out different. I do that all the time : ) I hope you get sleep. Elisa your new follower


Great 365 challenge card! You made all the parts work for you!


Love your card Prema! It is so cool. The colors alone speak of happy feelings. Thanks for telling us about the peace sign origin. I have never thought about where it came from. Cool. I love the post with your friends and their scarves. You are very talented! (I am all thumbs..can't do any kind of needle work. I have tried and can't do a basic chain stitch....have to stick with ink!) Happy Friday!!


Cute card! I like the bright colours!


Awesome job! I saw this challenge and skipped it, because I couldn't come up with anything :( I love what you did!!!

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