Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 19 - All the Trimmings and Wishing Happy Ugadi

The Day 19 challenge was to make a card with all three trimmings included in the card. Here I have used a white and red twine, a garland of mango leaves (paper cut out) and a green ribbon.

Today is Telugu New Year / Ugadi and I wanted to make a card for the occasion. I wanted to depict mangoes in the card to convey the message, as today, there is a special dish that is made in every home in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is called "Ugadi Pachadi/Pickle". The importance of that pickle is that it has all the 6 different tastes (Shadruchulu) embedded in it - Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt, Pungent and astringent. Mangoes just start this time of the year in India and they are used for sourness, for bitterness, it is neem flowers, jaggery or sugar for sweet, cayenne pepper for pungent and turmeric for astringent. Though I could not find anything that depicted this, I found some picture online and I gave it a try. This picture shows mango leaves, mangoes, neem flowers, and a bowl with the pickle. Every house has the main entrance decorated with mango leaves, tied together to make like a garland.  That's what I have used for one trimming. The other trimming is a twine - which looks like the leaves are tied using the twine here. And I added a green ribbon at the bottom covering all three trimmings.

We have a name for every year and this year's name is Nandana (Bliss). Hope you spread happiness among your loved ones and everyone around you. Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year !!

I took Ugadi as inspiration and made a card today. Hope you like it. This one goes to Day 19- All the trimmings challenge on 365 cards challenge blog.


Caroline Tan

As usual, i love all your creations. Your color coordinations r fantastic. Happy Ugadi!!


I wish there was a way to like comments on blogger like in Facebook. Thanks Caroline. I love yours too.

Pranjali Karia (Nisha Thakkar)

Simply Beautiful.... All the details are very intriguing..... specially liked the use of thread and the hand written stamp (This makes it even more personalized)


Great card, love the layout of this. Welcome to our blogging group :)


Very pretty image.

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