Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

For Valentine's day, I wanted to make a whole lot of cards. Though I did not reach the target exactly I made some cool cards. Thanks to the neighborhood Impress and all the beautiful stamps they offered and an evening of crafting.

This card looks simple but it took so much time to get it in this shape. it is still not perfect because I cut the heart shape with hand. I wish I had a die cut for that and the shape would have come perfect. I used Versamark transparent embossing ink to stamp the heart image on the white card stock. Then I used the red embossing powder and then used the heat gun to set it in place. I then added some glitter to make the pattern stand out. Then I stamped the "I love you" stamp on white cardstock, cut it out into smaller shape and added it at the bottom. If I look at this card now, I feel I could have done so many things better but its always the case, isn't it? But one main thing I would definitely not have done was to use paper glue, which completely killed the look. If I had used tape runner, would have come out much nicer.

This was super simple card. I got the heard shaped stickers, stamped the alphabets on top of them. I tied the thread on both ends, pasted it to he card and then added heart shaped stickers on top of the thread. Then added wishes at the bottom.

This is also a simple card, except for one complication. The "love letter on top of the typewriter needed to be stamped in that exact shape. To do that, there were few steps involved. Firs stamped the heart and then the typerwriter on to the card. On a white piece of paper, I stamped the first half of the typerwriter again.  I had to, then stamp "love letter" in that white space. Then pasted that on top of the typewriter on the card. Simple idea but made the card better.

This is a super simple card with stamps overlaying one another to create a simple card to convey a simple message. :)

For this card I stamped the heart first, and then used Masking tape to cover the heart. Then stamped the flower image with the same color ink all over. Then removed the masking tape, put a ribbon on top of the heart and then added a sentiment at the bottom.

 One more simple card. I used heart shapes background stamp and then the red lacy stamp followed by "Happy Valentine's Day" on top.

This one used specialty paper that already had the background on it that said the wordings and "LOVE" on it. All I did was to add the heart on top. The interesting part here is that I stamped the heart and then added a cello-tape at the back so that the sticky part is towards the center of the heart on the top. Then added the red glitter powder. So the sticky part of cello-tape held on to the glitter.

 Again a simple card. Only difficult part was to get that heart at the top to be centered on top of space needle which I messed up. Otherwise a simple card.
 Both the heart and the postage stamp image are stamped and cut out with punches. Hence the nice shapes. Then added a tap and a ribbon to which I added dimensional to popup the stamps.
The tough part of this card was to align the hearts right. I could also try not to align them and put them in random places but since I decided to keep them straight, they had to be in straight line which is not the case here. And one additional thing I did was to stamp a heart on another piece of paper with red ink and cut it out and use dimensionals to add it to one of the hearts. Then stamped "Love". The thread was just to add some additional color.

Later I learnt that there is a tool you can get to align the image such that all hearts can come straight. But too late.:)


Chaitali Narla

All amazing cards and very pretty!! You just need to get introduced to some cheaper stamp companies... I can take care of that :)

Pooja Wagh

Loved these cards!!! Where were you hiding this blog? ;-)

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