Sunday, February 26, 2012

My experiments with Markers

I know this is coming in a little late but I wanted to blog this anyways. These cards I made in January. But wanted to write how I made these cards. I loved cards and I love colors. Initially it was all about which ink to use with which stamp to create beautiful images. slowly I learnt that it was not all stamps that make it possible. There are different ways of doing this. One way is to use all the same ink on a stamp and stamp it on a piece of paper. The second one is to use markers to ink the stamp instead of inkpads and then stamp it on the paper. Then there is third one which is to stamp the design with black or other solid color ink and then fill in the pattern with the right markers. 

When I learnt about the third option, I was excited to try it out. My first card was a disaster, second one was even more a disaster but I thought it had a learning curve. But I started liking the cards that came out eventually. Here are the first few cards that I created with those. As you see, they are not great. I tried inking the edges with the ink pad which made it all smudgy. Later I learnt that there is a better wa to do this - to use sponge daubers. I also learnt that the ink you use to do this matters a lot. 


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