Monday, February 27, 2012

MemoryBox 101 at Impress

One Friday evening, as I was bored, I went to my favorite place to hangout and see some faces - the Bellevue square mall. And whenever I go there, I have to make a stop at Impress store. I went to that store on that day too and then they told me. you can come for the class next day and learn to use all memory box stamps and diecuts demonstrated by one of the pro cardmakers who blogs for MemoryBox. Hence I was excited. As promised, it was Jean Okimoto who was teaching the class that day. She had so many interesting ideas that I thought I might forget when I left the classroom. But these cards are definitely a step up techniques wise, for me.

 This looks simple but the most intricate card I ever made. This has so much detail that I felt lost after a while. First step was to take a photo-style glossy paper and use multi-color (rainbow color ink pads). I used a brayer to go in the same direction 4-5 times until the brayer get inked properly. And then apply it on paper without lifting the brayer, just going back and forth. Then we stamped the Reverse Allium stamp, with eggplant color ink, placing the stems towards green color. Then stamped two layers of wordings in light gray and silver color inks. That just made the top portion of this card. For the bottom design, used a memory box diecut. Then perforated the lavender craft sheet with the awl tool to make those holes, and then put tape at the back of it, so that the sticky part is facing the top. Put glitter on it to make that look more shiny. Then it was a matter of putting it all together.

For the second card, I used to diecut to cut the shape out of green background. On top of it put the violet piece and then the yellow card piece. The stamp used here is the mail definitions for the background and then drift flowers for the foreground.

 One mistake I made though was to paste the green piece to the violet cardstock first. Then I remembered I did not put the gold colored brads you see here in the picture. So I had to make perforations to the card. Instead the idea was to put the brads to the green piece before attaching it to the card so you do not see any holes in the card inside.
 This was another one along the same lines. I used die cuts to cut the stems.Then used the die cuts for the flowers as well. You can see the faint letter background stamp with faint color ink. Then put the tape to the back of the flowers so that the sticky part faces top. Then put in the violet glitter. Also made the 5 little holes and followed the same principles. Then put it all together. I really liked the cello-tape + glitter idea as it had low cost but nice visual effect to it.
 The whole tree is and surrounding border is a die cut and so is the umbrella. Then we cut tiny little stars and pasted them all around the tree branches. Then cut a small note, stamped it, then created the shadow effect by sponging the edges.  Made it a beautiful little card, apt for Seattle weather.
Right from the start, this was a difficult card. First was cutting it exactly so that you have these 3D effect. Then die-cutting the flower pattern and rolling it into a flower and adding the circle on top of the flower. Then cutting the other yellow pattern. Then the note. Then the other flower and the stems to go with it. Then assembling it all together. I needed a little hand-holding to create this card as I wanted to make it perfect. So it did turn out as I wanted it to.


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