Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God's abode

Mom, this one is for you. This past one week I was at home, without anything to do. On Thursday evening, I was looking at God and I felt, this is not how my mom would do it. She likes to decorate God and her favorite hobby is to pray to God. So if given a chance, she will adorn all the Gods, with the most beautiful attire and jewelry. Though I have not gone that far, I thought I should do something nice to make the God's place, a little more pretty.

So I went to Pacific fabrics, picked up couple of fabrics and made a cover for God's throne, as I call it. It is just a simple stool covered with metal, that I got from my recent trip to New Jersey. Otherwise I used to have God on just a simple wooden night stand. As you can see, I got red fabric with some design on it. Created a simple cover with ruffles which made it look grand. but the bottom part was still boring. So I just made very simple cover with the second fabric. I put incense sticks etc. on this space, so need to be washed and it should be something that would not get dirty easily, so I chose such a fabric.


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