Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not so craftsy post today

Today I decided to blog about something totally different from crafts. But something I learnt in a crafts class. I am taking a sewing class at a local store in Bellevue. And I always used to wonder, why everyone in the store is so old. It's a given that with age, you have more experience with everything you do. Similarly all these ladies are at least 60 or above and of course, they know their stuff way too well.
For me, it was just not about learning sewing but it was also about the social aspect.One of my favorite pet peeve is that people here in WA do not talk or rather they talk, but nothing more. They have boundaries and it does not go beyond a casual hi/hello. But this place is very friendly. Everyone is so friendly and every time you go, they recognize you, they help you out with what you need, whether it is picking the fabric or a question about how to put a zipper or even knitting. So I go there to share some laughs, have a good time while learning few skills. Who cares about the age group right? Some people might say, you should be hanging out with single guys, but I am challenged in that area.

Anyways going back to the topic, the reason for writing this blog. One thing I realized while talking to each of these instructors or even my fellow students. All these women are much older than me, some have families and some don't, live in old age homes and earn a living working at the store.  There was this casual conversation going between my instructor and another student in the class the other day.

Here in US, Breast cancer is huge and people do different things to support the cause. One thing is that they stitch sexy bras for them to make the women feel good. Some knit bras too. The conversation was about that. My instructor was giving another lady, an idea, to gift to her breast cancer survivor friend. And then the conversation leads to my instructor mentioning, that she is a breast cancer survivor. The other lady said, "Oh, I had cancer too, but I had to amputate my leg and now I have a prosthetic leg". Not sure what cancer that is, but I was already shocked at these women having casual conversation about it. Didn't dare to ask. I was surprised she was still using foot pedal on sewing machine. She was really excited looking at my machine which could start and stop sewing with a button press. Then my instructor says, "Oh, I had a surgery too and I have a metal piece inside my leg." And then my instructor  has only one eye working, the other eye, apparently she had retinal surgeries multiple times but had no luck but she teaches sewing just fine, with her one eye.  She is the most enthusiastic and positive women I have seen. I would be just heartbroken if any one of these things had happened to me and she was doing just fine.
And there is this other women, who holds open knitting night - where you can take whatever knitting project you like and she will help you through it. She is a darling. She was talking all happy one day and casually slips in, I have chemotherapy tomorrow, so I need to find someone for dog-sitting.

I was just blown away looking at all these people. The one thing that is common among all these women was that nothing ever stopped them in life. Whatever hurdles they have had, even if they were life threatening, it made them more loving, more positive & strong. They did not lose a bit of interest in life.
I kept thinking about me and my family. All my family members are stressing so much about my life and my marriage and it  affects me directly or indirectly in many ways. This experience made me realize, at the end of the day, this husband might not stay all your life, this family, your kids and anyone else, and even you might not live long. What will stay is the spirit you live your life with. If you are happy with yourself, and ready to take on anything life has to bring, can anything ever bring you down? Yes, a husband would be nice addition to my life right now, but because I do not have him, does it mean I cannot live my life? Whether he is in my life or not, I still have to live my life right? I wish I could introduce my parents all these people, so they can realize what they are missing. I feel like they are aging much faster and their health is deteriorating just because they think too much about my marriage. I would be happier if they moved past that and found a way to live their happily instead. I would definitely be more happier to see them have a healthy active lifestyle.


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