Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A fun experiment - coasters

Here is a fun experiment I did today. I went to Farmer's market today and was impressed by all the artwork there was. One of them was an exclusive shop of decorate wall hangings or candle holders (wider coasters type). I talked to the lady where she got the material and how tough or east it was to make all these. And she said, Ben Franklin, my favorite arts and crafts store. So I made a trip there immediately. Got some felt material in green and half white colors and brown thread to go with it. Also got some sunflower felt stickers. Also an idea that the lady gave.

After spending all afternoon learning more about my sewing machine, I decided to try something not directly related to sewing but something fun. So I made these felt coasters. Let me know how you like them. Small craft projects that are fun to work on.

Cut them in 5 in squares. Cut the half white piece 1 in all around to make it smaller than the green background piece. Then did a blanket stitch all around to join both. Put a sunflower with leaves stickers on the corner so it does not take too much space on the coaster. That's it, its that simple and you have beautiful coasters.


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