Monday, July 18, 2011

Lavendar Festival was indeed relaxing

As they say Lavender is supposed to relax and de-stress you, even the lavender festival seems to have had that affect on me. Got a mail from Kalpana the previous night and I was glad to see her ask me if I wanted to join for Lavender festival. If you have visited my house, you probably know how I load up on lavender soaps, moisturizers etc.Even car perfume is lavender. I found some in pike place market. I find it very soothing. So I always wondered if there are lavender farms somewhere around. So I was happy to hear about Lavender festival.

We drove to Edmonds and took a ferry to Kingston and drove to Port Angeles/Sequim from there. It was about 2.5 hrs of travel time. But the best part of that journey was the ferry. I have never been on a ferry where you drive your car and park it on the ferry. It was a new experience for me. And then the beautiful views of the ocean, the Olympic mountains. It was just beautiful. Even the drive was beautiful. Lush green scenery, with rain and pleasant breeze in the air, and a view of mountains covered with snow and clouds, everywhere you go. Felt like a paradise. We reached the lavender farms and just kept clicking away. The lavender fragrance in the air was mind blowing. I have seen some flora and fauna that I have never seen before. I was very happy to have captured some of the beautiful flowers though I do not know their names.

On the way back, we even spotted Bald Eagles. Apparently this is the season and that place is a Bald Eagle sanctuary. We spotted a nest with two young ones and then we were wondering if we could spot the parents. Then came to bald eagles and sat there, waiting for us to click away. Loved to capture those.

Somehow everything seemed perfect though I would have liked blue skies so I can get better pictures. I think what made all this very much fun and exciting was Kalpana's company. I have never met her before outside Team Asha activities, but meeting her and hanging out with her was really fun. She is the only other single girl in the area, who I have met. So we both seemed to be on the same wavelength, could understand what each of us are going through. It was a quality conversation, which I never had with anyone else in the Seattle area. I was heartfully happy to have met her. That's why the whole day became a fun experience in itself.  I felt refreshed when I got back.


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